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When Cowork Memphis first opened its doors in December of 2013, Jeremy Kendall became our very first member. Soon after, Greg Jordan, founder of Graph Story, approached him with the concept of a new service that became the foundation of Graph Story’s primary offering. In working with their early customers, the team realized that 90% of these businesses used a legacy type of technology called Relational Databases that struggled to keep up with analyzing today’s vast amounts of data. The Graph Story solution offered a new data tech as a service, called graph databases, which is 100 times faster than legacy systems. The technology creates relationships in the data and provides insightful, meaningful information via a cloud-based system, using the language of their choice and receive 24/7 support.


After working for two months in the Memphis, Tennessee based accelerator, Start Co, Graph Story received their first funding round and would go on to create a model that businesses – both big and small – could use to reveal new insights on their current data. After Start Co, Greg and Jeremy continued to build a company that landed in the top 10 start-ups in Tennessee as part of LaunchTN. As part of “The TENN,” Graph Story toured Tennessee, California, and New York showcasing their talents and expertise at solving one of the largest issues companies face today – understanding and making use of the upcoming wave of big data. From social and logistical data to recommended engines and predictive analytics, Graph Story can help businesses manage their data through a customized API. They can offer a solution to match your technology and budget. Your data has a story. Tell it simply with Graph Story.


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